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Providing a Space to Explore
Your Well-Being in Many Facets
“Living well and creating your best life is about having balance.”

Balance comes from paying attention to ALL aspects of what it means to being human in this day and age. We at Living Well Magazine aim to cover all the bases to creating your best life;  Physically, Spiritually, Financially, Emotionally and Sexually. That comes from being well educated and informed on products, services and the “Experts” to achieve that life. Living Well Magazine brings you the experts in their fields to you, so you can educate, explore and become more aware of the options available so you are empowered to create the best life possible.

Living Well Living Green Show 2023Saturday & Sunday April 22-23

The purpose of the Living Well Living Green Show is  to create a forum to bring together businesses and innovators that are providing products and services meeting the needs for individual health and a more sustainable future. It is our goal to provide an opportunity for you to come face to face with people who are seeking healthy products and solutions. This also allows consumers to make educated choices how they can contribute to their health and the health of our planet.

Each attendee will receive a Show Guide with Floor Plan. Each booth will receive a QR code that attendees can scan at each booth on their phone. We will have a passport contest once they fill in their name and email that will be entered into a contest for a prize.

• Healthy Living Spaces
• Financial Health
• Spa & Selfcare
• Aging Well
• Active Lifestyle, Wellness & Nutrition
• Eco Travel & Retreats
• Sustainable Fashion
• Green Energy Zone
• Natural Healing, Spa + Self-Care

• Eco Innovations
• Green Learning Zone

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Covering Westboro, Wellington & Little Italy, the Living Well magazine provides you with information that’s specific to your area plus ways to create your best life physically, emotionally, and financially.

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