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Living Well Living Green Show 2023
Exhibitor Information

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Why exhibit at Living Well Living Green Show?

We are creating a venue and a show that not only will get you in front of the public but will give the opportunity for them to leave the show with knowledge, tools and documentation in hand to remember you as an exhibitor. Each exhibitor will be featured in the show guide, QR code data collection at each booth, gathering specific attendee demographics, and interests.

Additional Media Coverage

We are investing in other forms of media coverage for the expo such as radio and billboards and buses.

Experts Speaking Forum

In addition to professional speakers,we have a limited number of spots for exhibitors to speak over the two days. Those who have public speaking expertise on environmental and wellness subjects need to submit a written outline of their chosen topic and an overview of their subject material. These will be chosen on subject matter and expertise.

Show Guide

Each attendee will receive a Show Guide with Floor Plan. Each botth will receive a QR code that attentees can scan at each booth on their phone. We will have a passport contest once they fill in their name and email that will be entered into a contest for a prize. T.V. Screens throughout the show will highlight floor plan with scrolling exhibitors ads.

floor plan
Exhibitor Booth Details
Become an exhibitor with us today and reach a new audience

Cost: $399

Early Booking Bonus:
1/8 page complimentary advertisement in Show Guide

Cost: $699

Early Booking Bonus:
1/4 page complimentary advertisement in Show Guide

Cost: $1250

Early Booking Bonus:
1/2 page complimentary advertisement in Show Guide

Cost: $1100

Early Booking Bonus:
1/2 page complimentary advertisement in Show Guide

Cost: $2500

Early Booking Bonus:
Full page complimentary advertisement in Show Guide

All booths will be supplied with the following items:
• Pipe and drape with high back wall and side walls

Booths will NOT INCLUDE:
• Carpeting • Electrical • Internet • Furniture

Order Form for the above items is available upon request.

Booth Space is available on a first-come first-serve basis.

Corner booths are an additional $250

Show Sections
Eco + Wellness Innovations

An inspiring attraction that will give a special highlight to exhibitors that wish to feature innovative products and solutions to health, wellness and eco sustainability. Each exhibitor is invited to display the latest products with signage to direct attendees to their booth location where they can further discover how to use and purchase products products to Create Your Best Life.

Green Learning Zone

This will be a pictorial as well as hands on experiential area to learn more about ourselves and our environment. Learn about the atmosphere, what are greenhouses gases. Get updated information and speak with experts in their fields. Learn about nutrition, the air we breathe and the water we drink. Ongoing demonstrations to captivate and create dialogue and interests.

Electric Vehicle Green Transportation

Here you will be able to view up close the latest EV technology, gather information and ask questions. From electric cars, bikes and scooters, mass transit and autonomous vehicles, see how the future of transportation is evolving.

Healthy Living Spaces/Green Energy Zone

A variety of products and services that can make our living environments a healthier, safer and more sustainable place to be. From the latest green energy products, solar, wind, generators, energy efficient home builders, passive energy homes, clean air and water. Smart energy devices and technology.

Natural Healing, Spa and Self-Care

Sample and taste healthy food from a variety of vendors providing nutritious menus (vegan, vegetarian, ethnic choices, smoothies, kombucha, and much more). Chiropractic, Massage, Crystals, Spiritual, Emotional and Mental Health and Cannabis.

Active Lifestyle, Wellness & Nutrition

A Healthy planet starts with healthy people. We will have a variety of exhibitors showcasing products to get well, be well and live well. The latest in fitness equipment, trainers, supplements and health practitioners.

Healthy Finances

Our financial health is a major part of our overall wellness. From real estate, property and individual insurance, mortgages and sound responsible investments, these exhibitors will have products to ensure you are making the best choices.

Exhibitor Application

Exhibitor Application

Please select any and all areas that apply to your business
Please select any and all that apply to you
I also need information on additional features for booth
IE: Carpeting, Electrical, Internet, Furniture